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autism awareness presentation & resource centre on autism for the public service

This site has been funded by the Department of Justice and Equality under the Disability Awareness Grand Scheme 2015.


This Autism Awareness presentation is designed to give Public Service staff an opportunity to increase their knowledge about autism. The Autism Awareness presentation is designed to give the user an overview of how a diagnosis of impacts on people with autism and their families in their daily lives.

The presentation on Autism Awareness is split in 8 modules with each one taking approximately 5 minutes to complete. This Autism Awareness presentation is designed to give a general overview of autism and assist the user in gaining a generalised understanding and awareness of the condition.

The eight Autism Awareness modules cover a wide range of topics from the Autism Spectrum and the Triad of Impairments to how an autism diagnosis affects the family. The modules also cover the areas of communication, sensory issues and the growth in autism prevalence both nationally and internationally. During this autism awareness presentation the user will see that autism is a very complex condition that affects individuals with varying degrees of severity.

The presentation will also identify the primary traits of autism and shows how the abilities and difficulties that people will vary from person to person.


This presentation covers an overview of autism.

  • The Autistic Spectrum
  • The Triad of Impairments
  • Autism and the Individual
  • Autism and the Family
  • Autism Prevalence
  • Sensory Processing and the Sensory Environment
  • Anxiety and Autism
  • Communication & Visual Supports


The Resource Centre contains additional presentations and downloadable materials on autism and autism awareness. The materials are designed to be subject specific and are aligned to the topics covered in each of the 8 presentation modules.

If you want to review the materials available from each module just select the module number on the panel below and review the resources available for that subject.

  • Best practice in common situations when dealing with a person with autism.
  • Communicating with a person with autism.
  • The sensory environment at your location/office.



Shine Ireland is a voluntary organisation and registered charity established by the parents of children with autism in 2001. At Shine we passionately believe that every person with autism has something unique to offer and must be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make others aware of the challenges that people with autism face and as importantly the many abilities they possess. At Shine we put the person with autism at the centre of every decision and with the ongoing commitment of our clients, their families and our staff we strive to give each person the opportunity to grow and develop. We very much hope that this presentation will assist in the positive growth of awareness and understanding of people with autism and their families.