What it’s About

This Autism Awareness presentation is designed to give Public Service staff an opportunity to increase their knowledge about autism. The Autism Awareness presentation contains 8 distinct elements to build a picture of autism and also gives the user an overview of how the condition impacts on people with autism in their daily lives.

The presentation is split in 8 modules with each one taking approximately 5 minutes to complete. It is recommended that the user would take the modules in chronological order 1 to 8 to maximise learning but if there is a particular module that you want to view you can select that module from the menu and view it immediately. There is a full list of modules on the "How it Works" page and by clicking on the module title you can view a brief explanation of that modules content.

Online Resource Centre

The Online Resource Centre is a reference centre for content where the user can access specific information at any time.

The Resource Centre offers additional presentations on specific practical items such as “Creating and Autism Friendly Environment” and “Effective Communication”. There are also a large number of information sheets and summaries that cover specific topics relating to autism available in the Resource Centre. As it will not always be possible to review the Autism Awareness presentation, the Resource Centre will give the user immediate access to specific downloadable and printable resources that are directly aligned with the content of the Autism Awareness presentation.